between pride and prejudice.pride

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superbe, domnul pantofar sa faceti incaltaminte rezistenta:))

shinobu spunea...

my dear nicole,

Thank you for visiting my blog and sending a wonderful comment.
I'm not sure this is the right way to write a comment on your blog,
but I try it.

I guess the shoes this shoemaker made will fit the user's feet well.
He looks so.
Do you have his shoes?

nicoleta gabor spunea...

draga mea,"aripi de fluture" iti multumesc frumos...da,face treaba buna :)

my dear shinobu,
yes it worked :) thank you so much for your words ! this shoemaker repairs my shoes,yes,he's doing a very good job :)

Maria spunea...

Super. Calitatie te revista!